23 Mar
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People’s Alliance Party Wants Property Tax System Fixed Immediately

The People’s Alliance is calling for the Gallant government to immediately fix the unfair assessments across the province. Property owners throughout New Brunswick are facing unbearable increases to their property taxes due to having their properties’ assessed value hiked by the province. This is causing some owners to pay 40% more in taxes or higher for 2017, even when the tax rate charged on the assessed value was unchanged in some cases.  These hikes in valuation are violating provincial law. Furthermore, landlords and developers have no choice but to pass those increases off to tenants, causing rental fees to increase significantly.


“Anyone who runs a business, owns a home, or rents an apartment should be outraged,” said Party Leader Kris Austin. “New Brunswick is already the highest taxed province in Canada overall, and now our taxes are going up even more through these assessment hikes. High taxes hurt the poor and middle class, and kill any chance of economic growth.”

The People’s Alliance released its campaign policy on tax reform at the Picaroons pub in Saint John on Feb. 20th, in response to the current tax-thirsty government that continues to spend frivolously. Under the party’s plan, assessments would fall to each municipality and create a greater responsibility for local governments to be accountable to their tax paying citizens.
Joyce Wright, Party President

“If the People’s Alliance were in government these ridiculous assessments would never happen because each municipality would have the authority to implement a fair and balanced approach to what the value of the property would be at resale,” says Party President Joyce Wright. “Both Liberal and PC governments have contributed to this problem, and neither of the two are showing any real desire to do what is right and fix this broken system.” 

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