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Kris Austin pledges major motor vehicle changes under Party’s tax reform plan

At a party rally in Miramichi on Saturday, the leader of the People’s Alliance announced an overhaul of the way used vehicles are taxed, an end to annual registrations, and dropping the front license plate currently required by the province; all of which will be included in the party’s 2018 election platform. Party supporters, who numbered in the hundreds at the event, gave leader Kris Austin a standing ovation.

In the proposal Austin stated he will end the provincial vehicle tax on the private sale of used vehicles, ending a practice which he states has caused “undue financial hardship on New Brunswickers” and has diminished the ability for individuals to sell their vehicles.

Kris Austin speaking to close to 300 at a party rally in Miramichi on April 22nd, 2017

“The way used vehicles are taxed by the government is a major concern,” says Austin, “In many cases taxes are being applied far beyond the cost of purchase, which is unfair to the buyer and difficult for the seller. Therefore, we will scrap this practice which will put more money back into people’s pockets.”

Also pledged were changes to the Motor Vehicle Act. Austin said under the party’s plan, the province will no longer require front license plates, and annual vehicle registrations will be eliminated.

Front plates are redundant and cost taxpayers half a million dollars annually,” Austin stated. “We will join the majority of provinces who only require a rear plate. Also, you will only need to register your vehicle upon purchase – abolishing the yearly vehicle registration renewal. This will save individuals more money which will be reinvested back into the economy; plus it will create efficiency for taxpayers in terms of improved service.”

Austin noted that implementing these simple savings for New Brunswickers is possible under the People’s Alliance “tax reform plan” of eliminating various forms of corporate welfare, ending duality, and reformatting the retail side of Alcohol NB into the free market.

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