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Kris Austin Commentary: Around the world and here in New Brunswick, people are demanding real political change

Another election shocker has unfolded. France is now thrust into the global political spotlight with the recent ballot casting that has resulted in a runoff between two anti-establishment candidates. Le Pen and Macron both come from positions that are contrary to typical politics, harnessing the frustration among the French population. The runoff scheduled for May 7th will be the final decision on who leads the country, however the choice to kick out the status quo has already been decided.

What strikes me is the reality that Brexit in the UK, Trump in the US, Duterte in the Philippines, etc. all point to a global trend: people are fed up with status quo politics. And despite the best efforts of the pundits and experts, these upending elections continue to rise, proving them wrong repeatedly.

Canada has seen it’s fair share of upsets as well. One of the most prosperous provinces in the country right now is Saskatchewan, an authority that is controlled by neither the Liberals or Conservatives. Instead, they chose an independent party under Premier Brad Wall who has seen record approval ratings and success. And, who would have ever dreamed the NDP would be governing Alberta? Unbelievable.

I see it here at home too. I hear disgruntled seniors lament the ineffectiveness of their local MLA and government, and the feeling that their elected representatives are just not listening. I’ve talked with middle aged people who cannot bear to hear about the property tax scandal while they board a plane to another province to support their families here. I listen to disillusioned college and university graduates who are being forced to exit New Brunswick, many of whom blame ridiculous language requirements coming before qualifications for their lack of opportunity here.
People’s Alliance rally and town hall in Miramichi April 29th

On Saturday April 22nd, the People’s Alliance held a rally in the Miramichi where approximately 300 residents came out to hear our message of change, hope, and common sense. The air was electrified as we continued our call to eliminate corporate handouts with tax dollars and ending duality. People are tired of seeing their hard-earned tax dollars going to things that do nothing to better their lives.


I’ve learned most taxpayers want the same things… a decent job, a good healthcare system, a strong education structure, drive-able roads, etc. What they don’t want is another government announcement that is only used to fulfill political agendas. No one wants to read about their money going to twin a highway at a cost of $142 million in the Premier’s backyard, especially when there is no evidence to suggest it is required. People do not want to hear about government fraudulently applying renovations to property assessments where none existed, all at either the bidding or incompetence of the Premier and the Minister in charge.

The people of New Brunswick are becoming more informed and are questioning the decisions being made by government. It’s now time to produce practical and realistic solutions that can reshape our future and denounce the old way of doing things. And if what is happening around the globe politically is any indication, New Brunswick should welcome that change with open arms.

Kris Austin
Leader, People’s Alliance
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Provincial Communications Office
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