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Kris Austin says $13 million spent to a consulting company to save $10 million an example of Tory/Liberal Government wastefulness

The People’s Alliance Party is deeply troubled with the recent report by the Auditor General of “advisory services” for the Department of Social Development.

The former Progressive Conservative government, under Finance Minister Blaine Higgs, awarded the Ernst and Young consulting firm $13 million to find savings within the department of Social Development. The awarding of this contract bypassed a transparent tendering process and reeks of a conflict of interest. Furthermore, the $13 million spent by taxpayers resulted in a possible savings of only $10 million, placing the departmental budget in further decline. As of February 2017, the current Liberal government allows this boondoggle to go on by continuing the work of Ernst and Young.

Making a statement at a public town hall in Doaktown Wednesday night, Party leader Kris Austin said it is absolutely outrageous and the people of New Brunswick have had enough of ineffective, inefficient use of their tax dollars.

“$13 million paid on behalf of taxpayers to have $10 million in savings at best, is completely unacceptable,” says Austin, “a tendering process that was ignored and a potential conflict of interest in awarding the tender, and no end in sight with the current government. It’s these types of things that clearly highlight that both Liberal and Tory governments are stooped in waste and corruption, and it’s the taxpayers that have to foot the bill.”

The People’s Alliance applauds the work of the Auditor general and her team in uncovering this latest scandal.

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